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TVN – Website Building Day (17th October)

The Purpose of the day is to help non-technical people gain an understanding of how to build their own website (not necessarily for U3A purposes) using the Content Management System (CMS) known as Wordpress. The day will follow a logical process of showing how Wordpress is designed to help those without knowledge of code to build a website that is dynamic and looks amazing.

Theatre Trips

To date, the numbers have fallen below the ‘reduced rate’. To this end, if the numbers do not reach 10 for Windsor and 12 for Wycombe Swan we will not be asking for tickets.

Nature Ambling in April

Please note that our April amble will be on 4th Friday (27th) and not our usual 3rd Friday as stated in April’s Newsletter

TVN Study Day – The Drama of Dunkirk (19th June)

The intention of the study day is to further our understanding of one of the most important operations of the 2nd World War – the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force under the constant bombardment of German guns.